What are Influencers?

In most cases influencers are publishers of websites that provide some influence over the healthcare IT industry. We see these people as thought leaders in the industry since through their online platforms they have the ability to start a conversation, share a message or influence others in the healthcare IT industry.

What else beyond ads will Influential Networks provide?

While a premium ad network is an important component of Influential Networks, it is just the start. We’ll be looking at a variety of ways that marketers can interact with influencers in this new media climate. More details will be coming on our other plans, but we’ll also continue to monitor the online marketing trends so we make sure we’re using the most effective and ethical methods possible.

How does Influential Network benefit Influencers?

Many Influencers don’t have the resources or sales team to be able to pursue large marketers. Plus, many of these influencers on their own aren’t large enough to attract those marketers looking for large ad buys. Influential Networks solves that problem by rewarding influencers and making it easy for marketers to easily get access to those who influence the healthcare IT industry.

How does Influential Network benefit Marketers?

The beauty of Influential Networks is that we provide a premium ad network along with other opportunities to go beyond just advertising with the major influencers in the industry. We love working with Marketers that want to help influence the healthcare IT industry for good. We look beyond just providing the industry standard measurements of clicks and conversions and help our marketers’ messages spread across the healthcare IT industry.

Influential Networks is focused on healthcare IT, will you ever expand to other niches?

Right now we’re laser focused on healthcare IT since we influence in that space ourselves. We see tremendous opportunity to grow within the amazing healthcare IT industry. However, we would consider the right opportunity to expand if it presented itself and made sense. For example, we’re considering expanding to the medical device space.

Why is the network invite only? What if I am an influencer that wants to participate?

Influential Networks wants to make this the best experience possible for both influencers and marketers. In order to create this value, we have to focus on those influencers that provide the most value to marketers. We’re always on the lookout to find more influencers that are really making a difference and have a valuable healthcare IT audience. If you have done this and think we should consider you, we’re easy to contact through our website or on Twitter.