Thanks for coming by Influential Networks. We’re glad you’ve found the site and look forward to working with you. I won’t go into a big to do about what Influential Networks is since you can read about it on our About Us page and also read about the founders behind Influential Networks.

One of the interesting things about Influential Networks is that the founders are influencers as well. So, we know first hand the challenges, benefits and responsibilities associated with having a voice and an audience in an industry. We have some understanding of what it is like from both the Influencer side and the Marketer side of the industry. Our goal is to create the perfect marriage of those two sides of the aisle.

With the advent of blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other forms of social media, the process of delivering a message has changed. It is much harder for marketers to just buy people’s attention. Instead, marketers have to learn to provide value to their market and gain their trust in order to sell their products.

We’re looking at creative ways to help markets do more than just broadcast messages. Instead, we want marketers to be able to leverage these new sources of media to not just advertise their product, but to go beyond advertising and create new levels of trusts and relationships with their current and future customers.

This industry is constantly changing, so we’ll certainly be evolving with it. We look forward to working with some of the best Influencers and Marketers who want to leverage these unique opportunities as well.

We’ve already started to publish our list of Healthcare IT Influencers with more on the way. If you’re a Marketer interested in learning more, check out our Healthcare IT marketing page or feel free to drop us a note on our Contact Us page.